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Can anyone who is willing to port Aveline&Sheva Alomar from GTA 4 mods?

  • 0_1516410302429_99daf5226dcb8c8b3a110f7d0f43ee852b4e6a1ee0088b3f8fee390d12930fc9.jpg I was wondering if anyone would be able to port or if possible to convert these two ladies from GTA 4 mods to GTA 5 I still have the files when I had GTA 4 when GTA 4 was working on my pc but since windows 10 came out my copy of GTA 4 will not install or work anymore so I am selling the game but anyways I am just wondering if its possible to get these two in GTA 5 they are already made they just need to be ported/transfered to GTA 5.


  • @TR71777 First one is my Aveline (Assassins Creed Liberation) mod for GTA IV, second is Sheva (Resident Evil 5) by AC Amir. I could do them but I'm doing only sponsored mods with donations involved.

  • @Rarefacer Ahh I didn't know the aveline ped was yours lol its been a long good min since I last played gta 4 since it doesn't work anymore :( but I still have the files from gta 4 lol you do a awesome job as far as sheva I would like to see her and aveline in gta 5 but as we speak money is really tight cause my uncle passed away as well as my grandmother and I had to help with the funeral and services expenses which isn't cheap at all but I wish I could see both these ladies in gta 5 though but still you like many other modders you do an awesome job and work.

  • @TR71777 No problem, if someone appears, I'll to provide both characters rip files, my GTA4 mod is locked and AC Amir probably aswell.

  • @Rarefacer oh ok cool well I hope someone would lol.

  • No one is willing to make a Sheva Alomar ped for GTA 5? I'm willing to pay the person who makes it.

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