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Can't drive several cars

  • There are a lot of cars that i'm not able to drive (nearly every only-gtaonline car): when i get into the car it throws me out after a couple of seconds. Why? What should i do to fix this?

  • Now I installed that, but I can't figure out whether it works because I'm stuck in my house: I can't interact with the door (same for bed and wardrobe). N.B: the house I'm in is part of another script, so it's one of the online houses

    EDIT: I picked up the yesterday saving and it looks like I can interact with everything, the issue is only related to that specific house. Now I'm able to drive all the cars. But still, the F3 menu is broken and I can't interact with it.

  • @Manu_Rossini That could be a key binding conflict wit another mod. Is there any other mod which reacts to F3? Simple trainer is the numero uno of all and it's the first time I read someone complaining about F3. I use simple trainer myself every day but I never had such an issue.

  • I'm at the very beginning of my experience with mods, so nop i don't have any mod installed that conflicts with simple tranier. Tysm for the help given tho

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