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Crash in building houses (menyoo, map editor)

  • hello everyone, after several attempts to create houses are here to write to you.
    in all those when I get to a certain point of the construction I have a crash of the game, I do not have problems at first but after several hundred objects I have crashes.

    I try to restart the game and reload the map created by me and as I make this passage the time that passes from the start of the game and the crash decreases, until the game starts and crashes immediately.

    known of the times that the first crash occurs because maybe an object falls under the map.

    the last house I did had no objects falling into the map but the crash happened anyway.

    I apologize for my translator's English, if you have solved it in some way, please help me.

    I use map builder and map editor to spawn objects and use menyoos to arrange them.

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