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[SP] Doomsday update - Gunrunning : mobile operation centers, facilities to single player

  • Hello community,

    as you may have noticed, single player part dont have access to most of the online content, now since heists update were not getting even the cars gta online gets. I played my share of gta online, and grinding the same mission over and over is not really my cup of tea. Although, I love (and I am sure I am not the only one) to fool around in single player with mods.

    That is why id like to ask, is it possible, and, is anyone willing to try make a script that allow us to own, customize bunkers and facilities as well as MOC and Avenger, if not, could someone at least point me on how to bring online content to SP, I know some coding, i'll try to figure it out.

    I didn't mention Hangars on purpose because there already is a great mod for that,


    Anyway, thanks in forward.

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