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How can I edit the vehicle In-Game name?

  • Hello Guys! I have a simple question about the vehicle names in GTA 5. Is it possible to change the names of Add-On vehicels? Example: I downloaded the Toyoyta Prius by r1-5-qwertyuiop , and the Game shows the name: "Dilettante" instead of "Prius". Is it possible to change the name? If yes, how can I (or the community) edit the name?

  • Yeah on the vehicle meta under game name something like that not 100 percent sure

  • @Kitten-blaster i already tried. But the game shows ", SUV" (for example SUV). Not the vehicle name I entered. It doesn't show any name, but only for the vehicle for the vanilla version of GTA it can show any name.

  • @Reshiramman

    Not as easy as simply renaming an entry inside vehicles.meta

    Vehicle names showing ingame are stored in a gxt2 file.
    You'll find those inside the lang folder in most dlc add-on packs

    To show the proper name ingame you'll have to convert the name to a hash code that needs to be inside the gxt2 file

    Use VPC GXT2 Editor [Advanced] 1.8

  • @ReNNie thanks for the answer, but not every add-on vehicle has the "lang" folder.

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