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How can I edit the vehicle In-Game name?

  • Hello Guys! I have a simple question about the vehicle names in GTA 5. Is it possible to change the names of Add-On vehicels? Example: I downloaded the Toyoyta Prius by r1-5-qwertyuiop , and the Game shows the name: "Dilettante" instead of "Prius". Is it possible to change the name? If yes, how can I (or the community) edit the name?

  • Yeah on the vehicle meta under game name something like that not 100 percent sure

  • @Kitten-blaster i already tried. But the game shows ", SUV" (for example SUV). Not the vehicle name I entered. It doesn't show any name, but only for the vehicle for the vanilla version of GTA it can show any name.



    Not as easy as simply renaming an entry inside vehicles.meta

    Vehicle names showing ingame are stored in a gxt2 file.
    You'll find those inside the lang folder in most dlc add-on packs

    To show the proper name ingame you'll have to convert the name to a hash code that needs to be inside the gxt2 file

    Use VPC GXT2 Editor [Advanced] 1.8

  • @ReNNie thanks for the answer, but not every add-on vehicle has the "lang" folder.

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