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mod kit ID #'s

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    so, I've heard a rumor, through various sites and comments. is it true the upped the mod kit ID#'s from 250 to 1024 ?


    @racer-x Yep, that's true. And the limit before they raised it wasn't 250 but 255.

  • hey guys,
    i m trying replace a bike that has originally no tuning parts (the carbon rs) with one that has.
    I followed Reyser' s replacer tutorial, the bike spawns correctly, but i' m unable to make tuning parts to work, even the statmods (engine, brakes...),
    i tryied a few modkit id's supposed to be free but it won t work,
    any idea please??
    well, now i got statmods update working, but tuning parts aren' t showing, if i change the value for chassis with a trainer, the chassis just disappear, i' m kind of lost here, I tried so many things...

  • @nrv74700 You must add the carcols values from your addon vehicle to the carcols.ymt file in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data or the tuning parts won´t work. And it can be even more complicated if you have to find a working ID. That seems to be a individual issue. You have to try it. Good Luck.

  • @Whats-a-Username- first of all, thanks a lot for replying.
    I actually did that, using 252 for modkit id, it seems it' s the only one i could use in this carcols.ymt, before that i could not even upgrade my engine, now I can, and i even can try to change parts, but it just don't show and even makes the original textures it should replace disappear.
    It's like the tuning parts would be registered but not loaded.

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