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[Question] What is this "Pirated version not supported" in some mods of the site? this mods will only work in genuine version? (I have genuine!)

  • Before you think/talk: Yes i have genuine version and this is just a question as the thread title say!


    I have seen in some mods of the site in the description that mods don't support pirated version or something like that and some of these say too will not work in the pirated version and this get me think if this is true or false.
    And this is why i are here!
    False or True?

  • Banned

    @Rei-Da-Tecnologia it's a way for the white-knighters of the internet to feel good about themselves. If you really break it down, the irony here is beyond rich.

    "we don't support pirated games, however, we will violate the EULA in any manner possible to keep our mods working."

    I do support the makers of games worth buying. and honestly, you're always better off with a legit copy of anything. that being said, I have indeed used pirated software over the years. and honestly, I ran the pirate version of GTA V for about 3 weeks, until I decided to buy a legit copy.

    it's like all these people who make car mods, from shit they ripped from this game or another game, then "lock that shit up" like it's thier intellectual property or something. like they had a hand in creating it. nah. you took someone else's hard work, altered it slightly and now claim it as your own. it's really silly if you think about it. but people seem more more worried about "who gets credit" than the actual quality of the work.

    if you pay attention, you'll see this hypocrisy all over this site.

  • @Rei-Da-Tecnologia
    When they say the pirated version is not supported they likely mean they will not provide support to you when you have a problem with the mod if you're using a pirated version of the game.

    When they say the mod will not work with the pirated version it likely actually doesn't work with the pirated version.

    @racer-x Piration is a little more serious than violating the agreement to not reverse-engineer. Other than that thanks for the irrelevant rant that doesn't answer the question at all.

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