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How to add sirens to the police boat (predator).

  • Hello.
    I've search all over the place but i couldn't find any information related to that specific situation.
    The police boat has no emergency sounds or lights, just the normal horn when you press the "e" for 1 second on your keyboard.
    I know it should be easy to take the sound files (sirens) from a police car and put them on the correct folder, but i'm not able to do it.

    I have gta5 installed on windows 7 64bits as well with the asiloader, scripthook, enhanced native trainer, and OPEN IV. I've already installed some mods, but for this particular situation i don't know how to do it.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Simply finding your vehicles.meta file and hitting ctrl+F and typing predator. When you see the predator section look for <audioNameHash /> and changing it to <audioNameHash>police</audioNameHash> should make it have a siren but may also make the boats engine sound like a car.

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