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Access to Skin Control Reborn or mod very similar to Skin Control?

  • I recently installed Skin Control 2.1 from an old .rar I had before the author made it just source code since he was done with it. But the mod is strange with it's little UI and kinda unstable. Anyways I heard Skin Control Reborn was a thing which I think is a newer and more stable version of it that isn't as confusing or glitchy? Not sure. But I find a link to it here and it's still says "Sorry, this file is still pending admin approval. Please check back later." So I am wondering if it's suspended or it never got approval or what not. But if it won't be accessible anytime soon what's the best alternative besides the original Skin Control 2.1?

  • From what I remember Skin Control Reborn wasn't changed in any way, the author just compiled the source code and uploaded it. The reason it says "Sorry, this file is still pending admin approval" is because I rejected it.

  • @Jitnaught Ah, that's pretty disappointing. Is there any other mod similar if not just like Skin Control?

  • @DSG99 I don't personally know of one, I've never been interested in it. Hopefully someone else can help you out. :slight_smile:

  • @Jitnaught I've not tested it without all the files, but you could try the EUP menu (may or may not work with the EUP mod itself). It's somewhat similar and will let you save and name the saved outfits. Right now I'm using Simple Trainer to make mine 'manually'. Once I get a couple made I then "copy and paste" by reusing them and changing a few things and saving to a new slot.

  • @Anonymoused281 Thanks for the letting me know! I will try it out soon.

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