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STOP TAGGING - YMAP/MapEditor/Menyoo prop scenarios as Add-On

  • Hello Everyone!
    I suggest changes with adding mods to categories on gta5-mods.com maps section. Tons of creators putting their mods in wrong category, as in title modders adding: xml, map editor, menyoo, ymap ..etc with MAP-MODEL tags.. that cause huge chaos in download section because when you want to find some proper Add-On map mods the site blow out these crappy scenarios filled with props.

    Remember kids MAP-MODEL / Object - does not mean your rooftoop party with randomly spawned 50objects, 5cars and 20peds...

    In Map-Model tag should be ONLY genue map models which are standalone objects like
    French Riviera, Race Map Pack, Red Dead Desert, NASCAR Texas Super Speedway , Lakeside Run Track and many more which are truly map mod.

    It's not a hate targeted into ingame map editor creators, i respect some of them but always have this modding site in my heart and want make it better :blush:


  • @S_K Feel free to report new uploads that have incorrect tags. The mods that are approved automatically can easily slip through with incorrect tags. Thanks for bringing it to attention.


    @S_K said in STOP TAGGING - YMAP/MapEditor/Menyoo prop scenarios as Add-On:

    French Riviera

    afaik French Riviera isn't even a proper DLC yet :(

  • @ReNNie I asked some people which converts maps, they said the DLC version for SP is in development

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