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[MISC] Stock screams Mod

  • I have an interesting idea for a sound mod.

    Basically, I was thinking of replacing most of the screams used by generic NPC's (i.e., pain, death, getting set on fire, falling, etc.) with more "stock" sounding screams, such as the Wilhelm Scream.

    Reply to this if you want to start this mod.

    In case anyone wants to try this, I've provided a zip file containing several stock screams that some of you may have heard at least once.

    Here's the file

    If you're wondering where the original scream sounds are located, here:
    Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx\S_MISC.rpf\

    File names are "waveload_pain_female.awc" "waveload_pain_male.awc"

    Feel free to listen to the sounds before replacing the ones in the game files, and remember to back up the game files, just in case you mess something up.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ArJayKay how to do that?

  • @ArJayKay You can follow this tutorial to input and replace those sounds.

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