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[REQUEST-INFORMATION]Emergency Lighting System and MMB3

  • When I install the ELS mod, my MMB3 (Middle Mouse Button) no longer functions.
    Looked into the INI file for Key36, no Key36 is used, still... somehow this mod screws with the MMB3...
    And I use this button to enter/exit vehicles, thus it's quite a wee important.

    I am at a loss, tried everything in the book (I think).

    Anyone a clue on how to fix this, please?

    Thank you.

  • I don't know what mod you have installed and your not providing a video demonstrating the problem. Until then I can't help but it seems like you have a conflicting mods problem 1 or 2 mods a re conflicting or or you just didn't install correctly

  • @zeroxzerotwo Uhm... how can I make a video of my MMB3 not working?
    I mean, all the info is above, once ELS is installed, my MMB3 no longer operates.

    And yes, I am absolutely sure it is ELS, due to the fact everything runs good, until ELS is installed.
    All (my MMB3 in this case) starts to work again once ELS is removed.

    Could you please be specific as to what information you need specifically, Sir?
    But I fear a video of this specific issue is not quite very possible...
    Thank you.

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