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GTA 5 menyoo spawn busses

  • GTA 5 with menyoo spawns busses and it moves the player around into every seat. I think it´is menyoo. yep all is up to date.
    but gta 5 version is old.can someone send me a new updtade which is compatible with all the mods??? would be nice BUT back to topic it just spawns busses when i am in menyoo

    thank you

    sorry for REALLY bad english

  • From what I read. Your using a Pirated copy of GTA 5? Rockstar has spent 3 years making this game and released it in 2013. It's about time you buy the game. Please leave, we don't like pirates

    alt text

  • im using a REAL BOUGHT gta5 ?!

  • @gta5fweak If you're not using a pirated version then there is no reason you should be asking for updates of GTA V, as Steam and RGSC provide updates. Unless you're asking for an update for Menyoo, which all you can do is use the latest version, or I've heard you can use an old version that uses Script Hook V. Don't know exactly.

  • downloaded update per socialclub function ok BUT STILL SPWANS BUSSES

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