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[REQUEST-INFORMATION]Sheriff2 Own Handling

  • I replaced the Sheriff2 vehicle, but this came with it's own handling.
    Placed the handling under Sheriff2 (update.RPF), and pointed to that handling in Vehicles.Meta (Common.RPF).
    But this seems not to be working.
    Have I forgotten something?

  • Do the following & I might be able to help you:

    • Screenshots of the files edited
    • State what solutions you have tried.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Before anything, I did make screenshots, but PhotoBucket no longer shares the pictures unless you pay them, which I am not intending to do.
    If you like I could mail you the screenshots?

    In-Depth explanation:
    The new Sheriff2 vehicle is a Sheriff Interceptor car, which replaces the Sheriff Transport.
    Annoyingly this car seems to be using the FBI2 handling, but a sports car with a SUV handling?
    Thus, I did this:

    1. Added and replaced new SHERIFF2*.YTD and SHERIFF2*YFT files to GTAv\Update\x64\DLCPacks\Patchday3NG\DLC.RPF\x64\Levels\GTA5\VEHICLES.RPF

    2. Added newly created SHERIFF2 handling in GTAv\Update\UPDATE.RPF\Common\Data\HANDLING.META

    3. Altered the line <handlingId>FBI2</handlingId> into <handlingId>sheriff2</handlingId> in GTAv\Common.RPF\Data\Levels\GTA5\VEHICLES/META

    Still, somehow Sheriff2 uses a transport/SUV handling (quite bloody noticable).
    Do you need the HANDLING.META info, the VEHICLES.META information/files?

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