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Ft Zancudo comes to life mod

  • I was wondering if someone would make a script that would make Ft Zancudo come to life where you would see fighters fly around tanks and Humvees and what not doing every day things instead of one vehicle roaming around and peds that just stand there something that would make them do things that normally the military bases due trust me I know what a fully functioned army/military base dose during the day I did 14 yrs active duty in the army so it be cool to see the military base in gta 5 come to life.

  • I take it no one like the idea? Or is afraid to even speak?

  • I would like something like this as well. Atleast, it would be cool to see Humvees and other military trucks/vehicles driving around the base ( like on the highway, on the roads and dirt paths nearby, etc.) Maybe even a convoy from time to time.

  • @TR71777 easy, just download the USA war pack add on then add the spawn names into popgroups and vehiclemodelsets. This will allow the vehicles to naturally spawn in the game. You could also go as far as adding them into dispatch.meta.

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