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Any solutions?

  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object. exactly what it says, you are trying to use a null object as if it was a properly referenced object. Most of the time, when you try to pass that value into object, and if the value is null, then this kind of exception occur.

    And instead creating a separate thread for another thread. Please bump that original thread

    and next time you provide a problem on the forums. Do the following:

    • Give a clear, detailed description of the problem.
    • Explain any circumstances surrounding the problem.
    • State what solutions you have tried.
    • State which version of the game you're using (Steam or Retail)
    • Post the Log of the error ( if you can)
    • Include as much information as possible.
    • Post what other mods you are using.
    • Post a screenshot of your GTA V Game directory.

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