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30 - 50s FiveM mods request

  • "L.S Noire" FiveM Mod List

    So I've been playing alot of FiveM lately, and I really want to play a mafia type game in a massive multiplayer. So in this case I would like to bring these two games together by adding the vehicles, peds and weapons into the FiveM world.

    If anyone know about any mods or wants to help me out by making this an awesome Mafia/L.A Noire style mod pack, that would be really awesome!

    I am open for discussions and suggestions!

    My server ideas are:

    • Shift based jobs/9-5 jobs (optional ofc)
      Where you have to work for a sertain amount of time a day or an amount of missions to do to get your paycheck. I want a more intressting job in the game so I dont just go selling drugs all the time cus it gives the best amount of money and issnt so damn boring.. Kinda ruins the RP when EVERYONE is a drugdealer don't you think?

    • More player houses
      1 player in houses and multiple in apartments.

    • Less melee damage for longer fistfights

    • Weapons

    • Thompson Aka Tommygun Smg
    • M1911 Pistol
    • M1 Garand Rifle
    • K98 sniper rifle
    • Luger Pistol
    • Switchblade (default model)
    • Flashlight (default model)
    • ? (Suggestions or mod links)
    • Vehicles
    • Any 30-50s Vehicles possible would do
    • Emergency vehicles (Police, Military, Ems, Fire)
    • Emergency vehicle sirens from 30-50s for all
    • WW2 Civ and Military planes for cargo and passangers
    • Peds
      For it to look authentic, peds would need to look the role. Suits and dresses from 30-50s

    • Any scripts that could be suiting to add

    • Police interrigation anims (good cop/bad cop)
    • Mafia beatdown cuffed to chair interrigation
    • smoking cigar anim
    • Drinking whiskey anim
    • Territories across the map for players to control and gain from (better drug prices/cheaper weapons in owned territories)

    North of the map is usually pretty empty and no one goes there unless they go there for the drugs.. More houses, jobs and activities should be added in these areas.

    Map: This is more of a question about if it would be possible at all. (I do know making a map would take ages)
    I know FiveM has some size restrictions when addings mods, does this apply to a custom map?
    As the 30-50s doesnt really "fit" in Los Santos where everything is so modern, we would kinda have to ignore that for the time being ofc, and the fact that the enterable buildings are kinda limited, It would have been really cool to see a 50s Los Santos or a custom island with the setting of the 50s. Let me know what you think (ambitious but interessting ideas)

  • @JohnWolff rip this mod...

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