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[SOLVED] addon problems

  • so I have a tonne of add-ons. game config is correct so no crashes and I installed each add-on correctly but they are not spawning and I checked my add-on car spawner log and it says that the car is "not an instance of an object" or something like that. any ideas on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated

  • OK, so have you made sure, with certainty that you have:

    • A compatible Gameconfig.xml? If not, I highly recommend (I have personally tried all of them):

    • added "<Item>dlcpacks:\YOURDLCNAME</Item>" to dlclist.xml?

    • added " <Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount"> to extratitleupdatedata.xml, if required?

    • put in the name of the vehicle itself that you're trying to spawn? You aren't supposed to spawn the vehicle by its dlc.rpf folder name (although that sometimes can be coincidentally the case). To make sure you're inputting the correct name of the vehicle into the Vehicle Spawner, open up the YOURDLCNAME.rpf and go to -> "x64" -> "vehicles.rpf". Once inside "vehicles.rpf", you will find "THENAMEOFTHEVEHICLE.yft", "THENAMEOFTHEVEHICLE.ytd" and "THENAMEOFTHEVEHICLE_hi.ytd". In the Vehicle Spawn trainer, you will need to input "THENAMEOFTHEVEHICLE".

    I hope I'm of help, so far. I too find these things frustrating at times, especially when the DLC isn't compatible with your gameconfig.xml.

    Note: I have over 1.000 add-on vehicles added to my GTA V. The only gameconfig.xml that is A. Compatible with Singleplayer Apartments (SPA), PDMCD and can handle those 1.000 (cars, planes, helicopters and motorcycles) vehicles, is elcreador's gameconfig.xml

  • ive put the correct car name on all the addons but something in the game is messing up somewhere.

  • you guys don't think it stopped because of the mod folder in the directory do you?

  • nevermind guys I fixed it :D

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