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[VEHICLE] Forza Models to GTA V (Please read mod makers, i made it easy for you :)

  • Hey everyone! I've been searching around for a few aussie cars and i haven't been able to find many, yeah there's about 3 or 4 but we need more. I am asking if someone who does car conversions can help me out, i tried to get as much info as i can to make the process faster and easier but i dont really know what is needed or what to look for. So ill post a few links below of what i'm after. There's a 3d model of the car and a few pictures to hopefully help you out. I would prefer the car to be stock. (no livery) so it can be replaced and drive around without looking like a racecar :)

    Other then that there's a few other cars from Forza horizon 3 id like to see make their way over here but i dont want to ask for too much so i'll leave it at that :)

    Hopefully i can get a response soon. If someone does decide to it and you need any more information please just let me know and ill get you what you need :) I want to be as much help as possible.

    Thank you so much everyone!

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