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[VEHICLE] Armored Granger? No? Yes!

  • I can't believe that after all the years that GTA V existed, there's not a single Armored Granger mod out there.

    Armored Granger perks:

    1. It's super lore friendly
      a. Armored Suburbans exist in real life, why not an Armored Granger?
      b. Excellent RP material for all you Presidential Escort type players who still want to be in the GTA universe.
      c. It's 8 persons.. 8! D:
    2. It's not very Gangsta-ish nor Criminal-ish. It's VIP-ish. FIB Grangers are also welcomed to get some much needed Armor.
    3. Imagine these Grangers packed with armed guards surrounding a Pope-mobile.
    4. A V12 variant would be excellent too. You can even put a Turret in it, why not?
    5. It's been five years since PC released, i still can't believe that nobody has done this yet. It's something missing that needs to be created.

    I hope somebody reads this, it's finally time for the Granger to get the community's love. Thank you for taking the time to read. :)

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