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[VEHICLE] I would like to pay someone to make me a car

  • No kidding I would like to pay someone to make me a car for me since my previous requests were completely ignored.

    I want this version like this of Dacia Duster



    Again, I'm not kidding.


    if you ^provide that model first

  • @Faysal I can only give you a 3d model of the standard model, which is downloaded from a russian site. It looks good. I have it but I'm not good you taking the car apart rename all the components to be interpreted correctly by the game, nor how to apply the new settings for materials. And now I'm too old to learn how to mod for GTA V. I made a couple of cars for NFS Carbon some years ago, but modding for NFSC was much easier that for GTA V.

    What would be the price to do it it?

    and does 2 pics are all I have. no blueprints no other stuff.


    bro i'm not talking about making mods i can make a mod fo gta v in 6h with al function and feature i just talk about that 3d model of the concept dacia not regular one

  • @Faysal I tried to contact the guy how made the dustertron concept but never got a reply. a standard 3d model and does pictures the concept is all I have. Otherwise i would've bought the model for it and gave the model to a modder to make it work for GTA. I would've liked an already made mod for GTA V with the right parts and materials applied and I would've remodeled the bodywork myself. But I can't find any unblocked files for zmodeler 3 to do it. And i still don't know how to make the texture to work. Thats why I asked if anyone would do it for me. For money not for free.

    I wish i would've had the 3d model to de concept model, but i don't. I guess it my bad luck.

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