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Game crashes after installing Add- On mod

  • I installed my Add- On mods (3 by now) today after work I wanted to add some more but after installing them (I installed them right I looked up 1000x times) GTA tells me GTAV is not responding and the game ''crashes''...

    Help please...

  • @Marvinoooo Did you try using a different gameconfig.xml?

  • @Akila_Reigns I'm new in modding... How do I get a different gameconfig?

  • Nevermind... I think I got one I will try right away... Thanks anyway dude!

  • How did you resolve this? I have the exact issue. I have installed the GTR, vans123 Lambo Aventador and BMW i8 mods, but whenever I launch the game (even in offline mode) it crashes. :((


    I am new to using mods myself, I had the same problem when adding my third vehicle but I resolved it by getting a new config file.

  • @ksxi Download this and replace the gameconfig in [GAME FOLDER]/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

  • If you start fresh the best thing to do is one mod at a time one step at a time which is how I figured out my problem. Replace the ytd files, run the game. If it works then continue on to step 2, editing or replacing Dlclist.xml. run the game again. If it works go on to step 3 which may be vehicle layouts or handling files. Mine occured when the DLClist.xml and gameconfig didn't match up.

    The best thing to do if you get lost or can't figure out the cause, reinstall fresh and make a 2nd GTAV game directory so when you corrupt the main one you can delete it and copy over your backup GTAV directory. Best to do so after every successful mod install so you don't get too far back tracked.

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