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ASI Loader doesn't see .asi other than OIV

  • I installed Menyoo and asiloader doesn't load it. Neither it loads anything other than OIV asi file. Can somebody help? I installed ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVdotnet and vcredists. Asiloader I have is straight from OIV.


    Show asiloader.log and ScriptHookV.log.

    Menyoo doesn't require SHV for now, so menyoo logs might also get generated.

  • I don't really know where I can find them. And I don't have ASILoader file in gta v folder. When I try to install it by OIV it only installs dinput8.dll

  • I don't know if this has influence on this case but in version.txt I have:
    I'm saying this, cuz I read that Rockstar disables mod support with new patches

  • Nvm I repaired it. Reinstall helped

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