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TV script mod

  • I would love to see a TV script mod where you can play your own movies or tv shows without having to replace the ones that already comes with the game cause replacing them never seem to work for me I know that there is a real tv mod that you have to replace the files it worked for me but when I tried to put my own tv shows to movies by converting them by using the RADTools I tested it after but doesn't want to work hell it worked for my gta 4 but it wont work for my gta 5 so I wish to see a TV script mod made so we can watch our own shows just by placing your movie files/tv show files in a folder for the mod to read.

  • I guess this isn't a good idea or no one has anything to say or what mod would let you watch your own shows and movies?

  • @TR71777 The video replacement is doable using Bink video tools. The idea to insert real TV in GTA V TV screens is possible but not avaible right now because is necessary to edit shaders and they are hardcoded and mixed with game source code, pretty hard to invest time.

  • @Rarefacer I even tried several times using the bink video tools but for some reason the movies don't work for me at all :(

  • @TR71777 The only person I know who successfully did this is @westcoastsosa (but he's not around for the time being) but he managed to replace 4 shows with The Boondocks https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/the-boondocks-3-full-episodes
    I do remember him saying that you had to keep the vanilla commercials as it would crash or not work if you changed them. Also you got to keep the length exactly the same as the vanilla videos you are replacing

  • bro, just watch tv on your tv. why burn out your pc heating up your gpu and cpu to watch tv in a video game lol? i think that is why nobody has done it. thats my op anyways.

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