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Minimap on/off shortcut

  • I can't believe there isn't a shortcut to turn on/off the minimap in the game. I hate the minimap because of the immersion-breaking blips, however this is absolutely essential when driving. Therefore what I usually is I manually switch it on and off from the Settings menu when I get on/off a car/vehicle, but it's a real pain every time.
    Would it be possible to write a script/mod for a shortcut to turn on/off the minimap (for example, overwriting the zoom shortcut (Z)?

  • After reading your request, i decided to make the mod, but since i'm new here it may take a while for it to be validated by the admins (i haven't uploaded it yet).

    The mod works nicely.
    Note that it doesn't actually switch the parameter to off and on, but it instead calls a native hash function to disable the radar or not.
    So if you decide to set the actual parameter to "off", you will need to set it back to "on" before you can use the shortcut again.

    In other words, don't use the actual parameter to turn it off, just press the shortcut. But if you must do it, remember to set it back to "on" afterwards in order to have the mod working again.

    I set the shortcut to B, but you are free to modify it to whatever key suits you. This mod requires scripthookvdotnet to function, but everything will be explained on the download file page, as soon as it is uploaded and the admins validate it, of course.

    As soon as it is validated, I will post the link to it here (if it is ok).

    EDIT :

    The mod has been approved by admins, so here's the link to it's download page :


  • @iLLo Last night I played all night with your mod on, it's fantastic, one of those small changes that really add up to the immersion! Moreover this script is very easy to install and work flawlessly. Thx and congrats for the excellent work!

  • @alerossi82 Thanks ! it was not very hard to do, but still, thank you for the compliment, it's appreciated !

  • nice, that is awesome you achieved his request in that time frame. @iLLo

  • @icebox84 Thanks ! again, it didn't need much code to work (the first version i mean), and it seemed like something useful, so i thought, why not !

    If you (or anyone) want to ask me / tell me something regarding this mod, you might want to talk in the commentary section of my mod's page. Unless it is another request regarding this mod, of course.

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