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Add-on car mods cause game to crash on start up

  • I have installed the GT-R mod (YCA mod) which when installed alone, will cause parts of the map to not load textures.
    If I install more than one addon mod, the game will not start up, it will crash whilst loading.

    I have tried removing the GTR mod to see if that helps with anything, but I found that no matter what mods I have installed will cause the game to not start.

    Also, no matter what mod I have installed on its own (just one addon car mod), the game will have missing parts of the map.

    Very frustrating, as I previously had the pirated version of the game before I bought the game, and I had no issues with the cracked version.

    I am using the latest patch of GTA V.

    Mods I have installed:

    Benny's SP

    GT-R Addon (YCA)
    Lamborghini Aventador Addon (Vans123)
    BMW i8 Addon

    Any help?

  • any gameconfig for the patch of your game

  • @ksxi Benny's Garage mod sometimes cause this issue

  • I used the Gameconfig.xml for 100+ addon cars and it works!!

  • I have tried installing Challenger Mod, by Vans123 but it does not show when I spawn sultanrs.

    When ever I start the game with it installed, patchday9ng gets remvoed from the game files

  • @ksxi said in Add-on car mods cause game to crash on start up:

    patchday9ng gets remvoed from the game files

    What did you mean by removed?
    Did you mean revert back to original version?

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