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[VEHICLE] [RELEASED] Kawasaki 250fi Stunt

  • Hi everybody,

    I just started my first conversion and i'm in trouble with the mod.

    At this point i don't know if all i did is good or no. So i need help ^^

    Here's what the bike looks like at this point :
    alt text

    Also i can share all the files if someone is able or can finish the mod.


  • Send em my way

  • @xXGARRAPPAXx Sorry, you want the files ?

  • Some progress :

    alt text
    The bike is now in-game and works but some things are not correct. I hope someone can help me to finish this mod.

  • I think this mod will stay as is. Having no one to help me, so I start a new project.

    Nevertheless, I would have learned some things.

    If anyone wants to resume this mod (but I do not believe too much) to update it just contact me.

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