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Driver-less cars and all stores closed!!!

  • Hi all, not sure if anyone can help me.. i have a couple mods installed and for some reason most cars that drive around seem to have no driver and every store i go in is closed and there is no store owner inside, any help would be appreciated

    Mods installed:
    Open all interiors
    Open all interiors patch
    Animal Ark
    Fuel mod
    hot coffee
    Map editor
    Random attacks
    beta takedowns
    Enhanced melee
    Singleplayer apartments
    join me peds
    yacht deluxe

  • @DaleJones87 said in Driver-less cars and all stores closed!!!:

    Open all interiors patch

    What is this? I have never heard of that one. Would you mind to provide a link?
    Generally speaking, you seem to have a lot of mods which deal with Peds. A couple of them even add more peds to the scene. This can cause memory issues of course. No matter how much RAM your PC has installed and no matter the size of your graphics card, the game has several precautions built in to protect from memory corruption. One of those precautions is to limit the amount of peds at any given time.
    My suggestion is to remove all mods which are the least relevant to you.

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