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how much will it cost me to have a fully rigged and everythings included black female ped mod from scratch

  • I am really willing to pay some money to have a fully rigged and everything else that will go with the black female addon/replace mod from scratch? I just don't want to get screwed over like last time I have a couple of black females that are a bit famous but in the adult film industry but will be clothed I got the pics of a few but I just want to know of how much it will cost me?

  • I take it no one is going to tell me how much it will cost me?

  • i remember you been requesting a black female long time ago lol

  • @Kitten-blaster well it hasn't happened yet

  • just wanted to know how much it will cost me?

  • ???????

  • @TR71777 i think no ped developers have seen this request yet. Seems like a simple request

  • @FoxtrotDelta true but if it were amilitary vehicle and or any type car or truck or tank mod request this post be lit up like a Christmas tree but since its something that some don't really like touching makes me wonder about this site at times I mean let it be anime or sims or what not don't get me wrong they make awesome mods but for this request I find it odd that no one really wants to do it even when I'm offering to pay just furthers makes my point on things when it comes to peds but I'm not going to get into it about it cause it would cause controversy over it and I like this site and all but I feel it has hit a few dead spots since that incident with take two taking pop shots at modding gta 5 offline by attacking open iv which it affected this mod site badly in my eyes I just hope it can recover and be active like it was in the beginning I'm used to seeing mods both ped and vehicles and others coming out the woodworks like in a factory type deal and I don't see that anymore which is sad :(

  • @TR71777 yea not many quality ped mods being made these days. i have never tried to rig a ped model. i have no experience with that otherwise i would have given it a shot. i'll revisit this thread once i master the art of ped mods someday.

  • @TR71777 A complete ped modelled from scratch is expensive (near to ~US$100). Fully rigged peds with face animations can take a lot of time and even if is paid, is not profitable (Example: Alex189 do it offering models from games rigged, because he's earning US$570 per ped pack, but he can need over 1 to 3 months to release each one).

    Models from a game or already done and optimized for videogames, with only brows, lids, eyes, cheecks, jaw and tongue animation on face, can be 10 bucks or 15 with 1 set of clothes variations, or 20 with 3.

    Honestly and you can confirm this, rig characters is more complex than vehicles, weapons, props or maps to get a good result, for this reasson exists lots of peds and player skins with undesired quality, bugs and no fully face animated.

    Edit: All previous info, is for cases under donation/paid method.

  • Yeah Where The Girls At ?? Franklin's house is dirty.
    I remember you asked it a long time ago , I hope someone will do that since time.
    I didn't think about how difficult ped mod are hard to make :O

  • @Rarefacer well the ped section has gone full retard cause of the lack of verity and lack of diversity and too me I feel that this site that I liked since day one only caters to white girl peds to anime peds which has been done over and over again and its getting really dull there needs to be a change and I swear on everything if anyone that says anything racist about it saying to me that not one person wants any black female ped in this site will get an ear full from me not one person at all never even thought of trying but no all I get is black girls are ugly this and that or not good enough or attractive enough to even try to at least make the ped section more divers all I get is there is a reskin ya ok like that is going to help you just cant turn a Chinese anime chick into a black person it just screams not even authentic or original it screams cheap way of doing it.

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