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[SCRIPTS] Base vehicle seatbelt and handbreak with sounds and animation

  • [SCRIPT] Can someone make a script with manual handbrake animation (veh@std@ds@base, hotwire) and sound (like in BVA 2.1 parking mod) and seatbelt with the same animation and sound like in BVA but with png icon in the left screen corner like in Seatbelt Chime by mod?

  • I've found some perfect (well as much as it could look alike real animation wich is doesnt exists in game so far i know) animation for handbreak mini@prostitutes@sexlow_veh,low_car_prop_to_sit_player

  • Ok so now i get why you requested that to me.

    I'm not gonna lie, i had other thoughts at first !

    So I have finished what you asked, don't know if it's worth posting as a mode though, so anyway, i'll send the script code via pastebin in the chat message. Hope you enjoy it !

    EDIT : Nevermind, i forgot about the sound, i'm getting to it and as soon as it is done, i'll let you know


    Am interested to @iLLo

  • @iLLo It look nice, can you send it to me too, please ?

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