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How do I permanently lift the back of the Hermes and the Yosemite (via handling.meta)?

  • Hi there,
    the Hermes and the Yosemite seem to be equipped with some sort of hydraulic rear suspension which lifts the car on full throttle but only then - and it's lowered again if the car comes to a halt.. As many of you know I'm the author of VAutodrive and my problem is, if such a car is AI driven, this hydraulic suspension doesn't get any pressure and so the rear end scratches the ground at the slightest bumps.
    My question: Has anyone found out which parameter in the handling.meta is responsible for this special behavior and how to eliminate this effect?

  • Maybe a dumb Idea but i noticed when you have VStancer installed and it is activated, Hermes and Yosemite┬┤s Airride Suspension are switched off and they have regular,non lowered Stance.
    Might be worth a try.

  • @Chris-W. Oh sweet! Thanks for the hint. :slight_smile:
    Maybe if I ask @ikt kindly, he tells me which parameter is responsible for this.


    No idea, all I know is VStancer breaks both hydraulics systems

  • @ikt What do you mean "no idea"? VStancer is your code, isn't it?


    hydraulics aint my code

  • @Cyron43 vehicles meta 'FLAG_DROP_SUSPENSION_WHEN_STOPPED'

  • @Cass Thanks a lot mate. No wonder I couldn't find it in the handling.meta. :slight_smile:

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