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GTA V started lagging after WINDOWS 10 update

  • Hi, ive discovered that my gta v started lagging after latest win 10 update, before that update everything was ok, fps were like 50-60 now its below 30, fortunately i havent installed any mods recently, so i know is because of this update, anyone has this problem?

  • Hey Gerfsen,

    Are you by any chance an owner of a motherboard with KillerNetwork ethernet chip?
    You can easily check this by pressing start and writing "Device Manager". You can also achieve this on windows 10 by right-clicking on start and then finding "Device Manager" in the list.

    Once opened search for the one called "Network adapters" and open it.
    alt text

    Well anyhow, after certain win10 updates some people get memory leaks with crappy written drivers. One I recall recently on my friends PC was caused by the Killer Network GUI program that is included in the driver package. You can check this by alt tabbing GTA and opening Task Manager -> Resources/Performance to see if memory leaks are occurring. You can notice this by only seeing about 3GB used by applications, and the rest is used by some invisible program/service which doesn't show up in the list!

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