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[RESOLVED] 7zip support

  • Is this possible to add 7zip archives support? i just uploaded a .rar file, its 36 Mb, and .7z only 18 MB

  • @Gta5KoRn I kind of agree with you... I have just done some test compressions and no matter what I tried, .zip files always came out bigger than .7z files.

    I suspect .zip is done because you can open them in Windows without using any kind of software... but then the site allows people to link to MediaFire files, which are often .rar files... so that negates the .zip benefit.

    I would much prefer .7z as it's my default compression app, has been for years. So you definitely get a vote from me. And while I did also upvote yeahhmonkey's post because that does work, it doesn't solve the size issue.

    Edit: Just noticed that you can also upload .rar here natively... that is odd then why .7z is not supported.

  • @Frazzlee Are you saying that WinRar won't complain if it tries to unpack a .7z file that has been renamed as a .rar file? That's interesting to know, because if you rename a .7z to a .zip, Windows complains that it isn't a valid archive and won't open it.

  • @Gta5KoRn I can add 7z support, thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know when it's done

    @Frazzlee The actual MIME type of the file is checked, not just the extension name. It may work since 7z is a valid compressed type, but that would be a terrible experience for downloaders. I'll add support soon

  • @Frazzlee I would never do that (rename the file to bypass the upload process), that's just adding further complications for the user... and there are some who seem to struggle with just basic downloading and installing.

    For the sake of a few MB, I'd rather stick with what the site allows. Although based on what rappo said, it looks like it could be coming anyway. :)

  • @Gta5KoRn .7z files are now supported! Please let me know if you have any issues trying to upload one

  • @rappo huh..? but.. they were already supported? every mod i ever uploaded was zipped by 7zip? xD

  • @TobsiCred ah yeah :') i just checked the extensions on my zips haha i always assumed it was going into 7z because thats whats installed on the pc :')

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