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Unrecoverable Fault!

  • Please help me, after I installed a replacement for bike, the game crash and this message appear, Unrecoverable Fault. Please restart you game. How to fix it please

  • @AfiqSana16 I found your other thread here. You haven't replied about the outcome yet. Did the gameconfig which I recommended solve your issue? Your replacement issue seems to be of the same origin, moreso you added another replacement on top of the other 5 which already caused problems with your game. Adding even more shit doesn't solve it!

  • @Cyron43 thanks, 🙇

  • @Cyron43 btw, there are lot of people complaining about it's not working. And crashing.

  • @AfiqSana16 Well that indicates either those replacements are crap (just 4k, high poly and no LOD) or the PC hardware of those people is insufficient, I guess. You know about those discussions better than me, apparently. What's the consensus? Otoh I wonder why you've created your own thread if you know there are others already dealing with it.

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