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Can somebody tell me the name of mod?

  • Banned

    like this link removed

  • What? Menyoo? A Benny's Motorworks mod?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman said in Can somebody tell me the name of mod?:

    A Benny's Motorworks mod?

    It's clearly not this. It's Menyoo. This trainer is a better trainer than any trainer offering more capabilities and allowing you to do what you need with out making GTA 5 go apeshit over unofficial programming requests.

    Also, judging from all the ads that came up, the OP literally posted a link to porn, instead of posting in it in a more legitimate and Safe For Work environment.

    I had a full look at the site, and yeah. It's nothing but pornographic imagery. Pop ups and shit that are probably infested with malware and trojans. I'm surprised @administrators or @Global-Moderators haven't removed the link yet, considering what kind of malicious software it may be handing out.

    I'd recommend that if anybody on this forum is running a Windows or a Mac system, spare yourself and don't click the above link. I'm on a Linux system so any trojans/viruses made for Windows or Mac can't do much with me. If you run either Windows or Mac, and you've already clicked the link, beware of viruses that are set to run on certain dates or when a certain program is executed.

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