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i have problem!

  • when i play my GTA V/5 when it's happened this problem! please help!!!!

    alt text

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nice Graphics Mod.

    CouldnĀ“t resist.^^

  • Omg it's not a everyday issue. What graphics mods are you using ? I guess you installed more than 1 and it's conflicting or you installed 1 outdated. try to change weather etc with a trainer in game to see if it's not a timecycle issue. It also can be enb or reshade if you using it I don't know . rename update.rpf in mods folder to see if it's working, so at least you ll know where is the the broken file , after you ll have to figure out which one.

  • Rasta mod. LOL
    Wah gwaan mi bredda? :D

  • @ryan900 it appears that you have discovered a hidden feature of gta v. You have finally achieved approval from Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Meanwhile, the fib will now delete your system32 folder as beautiful colors appear on your screen.

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