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.YDR embedded textures ?

  • Hello, I need information about .YDR embedded textures. I want to edit/replace some textures. For exemple, ap1_01_d_sthbld005.ydr (located in : \x64l.rpf\levels\gta5_cityw\airport_01\ap1_01_d.rpf) is the Pegasus Concierge hangar on the airport and I want to change the logo. But the .YTD logo file is embedded in the .YDR file and it is impossible to edit it into OpenIV. How I can do it ? Thank you.


    Right click on the YDR and choose Export to OpenFormats and select a location to export
    Navigate fo the folder and you'll find an .odr file and the embedded textures (in the default settings from OpenIV which I'be set to PNG rather then DDS)

  • Thank you for replying me. I got the.ODR file and a folder containing the embedded textures to edit. But how I can recreate the .YDR after editing ? With Zmodeler ?

  • @Dekurwinator Tanks you very much, I successfully add it to Open IV X, but in game when I appraoching the hangar, the texture is correct X, but falls out at far distance X. It is a lod problem ?!

  • Got it. I found the lod texture and it work fine by editing with a blank texture. There's too early for me to trying edit the lod with a custom texture due to compression... Anyway, thank you for your precious help !

  • How do i open .odr files?

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