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[SUGGESTION] Easy Author tag with an easy checkBox under the comment textBox

  • I do not need to say much about that. Every author knows this problem, and i requested this a lot here. An simple function to get notifications when someone give a comment under one of your mods. The newbees here are mostly those guys, that don't tag you. And then after months you see the question...
    Pretty bad huh?

    So lets show them, that they need to notify us. Without doing it automaticly (which would create too much notifications), just simply make a checkbox directly under it. Every little brain should realise that without this checked, nobody hear you.

    alt text

    Also, it would be great to have a automatic notification system for very inactive mod comment sections. I mean, when nobody take a comment in the last 4 months or something. So if someone do it again there, you will be get notified.

    What do you think? Will everbody notice this little box? Or do we need something else? Lets discuss!

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