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Looking for modder for hire

  • Hello GTA 5 modding community!
    I am currently looking to hire someone to create a 1960-1966 Ford Fairlane Police car in GTA 5. This project should hopefully be straightforward and easy enough for some of the great modders out there and I would hereby like to offer a contract for someone to accept to create the vehicle in GTA 5 as I am passionate about police history and trying to recreate some scenarios from the past. I have created smaller mods like creating police peds from the 1960s and prior but I have yet to release them because I would like to have the police vehicle with it. I would like to have done this my self but I don't have enough experience with the software I use (Zmodeler3). I do have files that will make this process much easier (already having a Fairlane file and police sirens etc that are separate from it).

    In addition, if I were to release the mod I would give the modder full credit upon request.

    How much I pay you is negotiable... but please don't ask for ridiculous amounts! This project (if decided to be released) will recreate some of the things from an old department I had in mind which I will tell you what department this is if you are interested. Also I am planning in the future to recreate the HQ of the department in the game if you would like to help/create it.
    Note: If a modder wanted to do this for free at his or her own pace, then that would be awesome too!

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