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[VEHICLE] 2014 Dodge Ram Black Express Edition

  • I have the model already and its converted into Zmodeler with a few flaws with it (Seems like the collisions are off because it bounces when you get out of it (Probably have to center the axis again for some of them).

    It is only 1 Lod and shows the truck as having 121k polys and 412k Verticals :O.

    Looking to see if someone would be willing to reduce the Verticles/File size of the truck as well as smoothing/blending polys together (Not sure if that goes hand in hand with reducing verticles). You would have to be willing to allow it to release as a DEV model(Unlocked) for others to use but of coarse with credits to you for crunching it down.

  • @Thero send it my way i'll do a quick fix for you.

  • Sent you an IM

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