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GTA mod help required in generating directions

  • I am creating a mod for a project that requires to use the GPS location of the car in-game. I have found that the "GENERATE_DIRECTIONS_TO_COORD" does the work but I am not getting correct values from it.

    I have written the following wrapper for this native function.
    Vector3 GenerateDirectionsToCoord(Vector3 target, bool p3, out float p4, out float p5, out float p6)
    OutputArgument out4 = new OutputArgument(), out5 = new OutputArgument(), out6 = new OutputArgument();
    Vector3 result = Function.Call<Vector3>(Hash.GENERATE_DIRECTIONS_TO_COORD, target.X, target.Y, target.Z, p3, out4, out5, out6);
    p4 = out4.GetResult<int>();
    p5 = out5.GetResult<float>();
    p6 = out6.GetResult<float>();
    return result;

    I have been stuck at this point for too long and my grade (and indirectly my graduation) depends on this. Please help.

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