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I can't ADD CARS.

  • When I try to ADD CARS, in the game, my trainer can not find the car name. But I used tutorial, saw much vidios about this.
    And nothing help me... May be who knows, what the problem I have?

    And, the second problem, some cars, I can to replace in game, but much the car can not find the trainer((((
    for example.
    "xls.yft, xls_hi.yft, xls.ytd, xls+hi"
    \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpexecutive\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\mpexecutivevehicles.rpf\

    AND NOTHING DID(((( I try to replace this files by tutorial ( readme).
    Some good people,may be help me... Please. I have viber. ( +38098 001 81 81 ) or here this topic..

  • @BeSUA777 You can't find your car in the trainer? Even if you spawn vehicle by model name ??
    Also make sure to use this

  • @cgz TNX, I try it, but I CAN NOT ADD CARS((((( I have / mods / folder, I copy the /update/ to /mods/ folder, and
    than in openIV I create the folder by name the car in dlcpack and add / dlc.rpf/ in that folder.
    But in the game ( I have tow trainers, Moony trainer and simple trainer.) But when i try to spawn model by name, I see
    could't find the model((((

  • @BeSUA777 you mean add or replace ? Maybe the car is requesting too much game memory so it can't spawn, try with a better gameconfig.xml
    You have OpenIv.asi in your GTA V folder ?

  • @cgz Yes I have it. can't find. Invalid model in trainer. Some cars spawened, but mech the cars are not spawn.
    EXAMPLE. ' f620' - this tha name of car. is spawened, but others car for example 'xls' or 'schafter3'
    can't spawn. didn't find it.
    THIS problem #1

    Problem #2
    I can't add the cars. but I can did this before update, some month later.
    But mow, in the 'mods' folder I try to ADD in dlcpack folder or in the game, update folder with out 'mods' folder,
    did get results.

  • @BeSUA777 1. Make sure to use EnableMPCars, also maybe cars you replaced are too high poly to spawn, that can explain why some spawn and not others.

    1. I don't understand , if it was working before, why you can't now ? It's the same way. Also keep using a Mods folder , unless you want troubles in the future.

  • @cgz You have a license copy of game or pirate?

  • @BeSUA777 If it's mean that you don't own the game , start with buying GTA, Or you won't get support because it's against rules and If your cracked game isn't up to date most of mods will be incompatible.

  • @cgz Yes/ I know that. Do u have a pirate copy? or not?

  • @BeSUA777 You can do it .

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