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[MISC] Shoot an AI's Tire will make the car spin.

  • Hello, I've been searching through the forums and i haven't found a single addon similar to this.

    So my idea was that if someone could make a simple addon that makes a AI's car spin once its tire pop.
    This would be perfect for the addon called: Hollywood Rollover https://sv.gta5-mods.com/scripts/hollywood-rollover

    It would be really realistic looking and also really great to have for cops chasing you or just for fun shooting AI's tires to see them rollover :p

    It will have realistic physics ofcourse so it will look more smoother.
    Example: If you shoot the right front tire the car is supposed to spin to the right.

    In vanilla GTA 5 the cars just continue in the same direction if you shoot its tire. It doesn't spin around which makes it difficult for the Hollywood Rollover to happen :/

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