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["Bug"-Suggestions]Site slow to not responding, enhanced search option, better sorting

  • Hail:

    Before the suggestion, the "bug" part.
    Note bug being in quote marks, as it is not really a bug per se.

    My Firefox reacts darn slow when I come here.
    The Forums are fine, but the Download Sections are often slow to not responding, and I often come with an error telling me the "background program on the server failed"or something in that area, without telling just where it failed.
    You might want to check into this.

    A more advanced search would be nice.
    Seek Author, for instance, is not a bad thing to have.

    Better Sorting of Mods: Mods now are somewhat sorted, but far from what it can be.
    A suggestion would be for instance: Cannon (all cars that can be allowed into a cannon type, for emergency vehicles for instance bound to Los Santos etc.), and non-Cannon (all vehicles that are in different language (like Turkish Police, or Turkish Military vehicles) as well as non-cannon type of vehicles (like the Terminator mods, Superman and Batman mods, ...).
    Maybe add the most well known brands for cars in a pull down (Ford, Dodge, ...), and sub-sorting for Emergency (Police, Fire Dept, ...).

    When I search for police uniforms (police, the combo police and uniform only give a handful of mods) then I get ALL about police, annoying really, as it takes a lot of time sifting through the data.

    Please do discuss, whether you agree or not, but keep it polite please.
    Thank you.

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