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Why Has Redux Completely Screwed With the Controller Settings ??? WTF ? !

  • So I install Redux, and all my controller settings are twatted.

    Now everytime I brake in a vehicle, my weapon is drawn - Huh ?

    My in vehicle shooting choice is all over the place..... Why ?

    Each time I hit A on my 360 controller, it starts to record.

    Pushing my left stick forward forces me into a Run all the Time - didn't ask for that.... WTF ?

    All the Reshades look like an over saturated cartoon.... But I can fix that ... luckily.

    All of a sudden the cars are like they are on ice !!! WTF ? Trying to make it like Dirt Rally ? That was overdone too ! Supercars have Trtaction Control - completely overdone.

    Rest seems okay, but messing with the control scheme is just a no-no - I feel assaulted.

  • edit:


    So the Reshade requires you yo hit Shift F2 to adjust it - turms out that with GTA V, if you are using a 360 controller, and have a mouse connected, AND you open Reshade in game to adjust it, it screws up your controller.

    So, adjust, and when happy, restart the game and do not open Reshade again. All is then good.

    As for overly slidey car handling, I just took out the handling meta file and replaced it with the original.

    All good, again.

  • Another Solution:When you open the Reshade menu with Shift+F2 you also have to close it with Shift+F2,if u close it over the X icon it will mess up your gamepad controls.

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