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Disappearing Blips

  • Hello, after installing some mods, I noticed what the mods blips appear, but the default blips (ammunational, missions, stores etc) are gone.
    I tried this solution but it did not work
    No More Disappearing Blips

  • @TiMeLoRReGo This is by design. The game allows only a certain amount of Blips at a time in order to prevent memory corruption. You can still retrieve the default locations by simply using the game's inventory menu and there you choose GPS to get the nearest ATM, Ammunation etc.

  • @Cyron43 I had already tried the inventory menu, but it does not work, it follows the map blips, so what does not appear on the map also does not appear in the inventory menu, at least the mission blips do not appear

  • @TiMeLoRReGo Well that's odd because I don't see those blips either but the GPS menu works for me.

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