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Window Tint + Windscreen inner reflections ?

  • Hi guys, need your help on 2 small issues mentioned above.

    1st: What values do i need to change to be able to have correct window tinted levels ingame and avoid the tinting of the Windscreen and headlamps?

    2nd: How can i disable the reflections of the inside of the windows ?

    Sorry for the boring questions, till now i tried to learn all by myself but now i'm stuck.

    Thx in advance for your help ;)

  • @Asyr0n For the light tint, change the shader to badges instead.

    For the inside side of the windows, create a materials with the shader vehicle_glass_inner for them.

  • Nope, lights glass has to use vehicle_vehglass, paint it on black on Alpha vertex channel.

  • @baba0rum so on the windshield I should have 2 layers? outside layer with vehicle_badge material, and inside layer with vehicle_glass_inner? Which shader should have crash data added?

  • @masterschwag no. the outside stay vehglass, and and inside to vehglass_inner

  • Think of it like going under the map. You can see the buildings and cars but you can't see the ground because there is no texture for the ground when you are looking from underneath it. Use vehglass_inner for the side of the glass that is inside the car.

  • Thx for your replys guys, really appreciate it.
    I actually tried to use vehicle_glass_inner for the inside, but i still get reflections ingame so... don't know if its normal.
    What about the tinted windows... how do i get rid of the lights and windscreen tint?

    @CP I'm gonna try that out with the black on Alpha Vertex Paint!

  • @Asyr0n Both way, alpha or the shader badges should don't get tinted.

  • @Asyr0n the shader vehicle_glass_inner is capable of listening to a selected specular texture, which vehicle_glass wont, thats why you use that with any interior facing glass, once you put that shader, just put an specular with 12,12,12 in RGB, this way you wont lose the reflections completely but have them reduced ALOT. Try that, if the reflections you get are still not that soft, use 0,0,0 but beware, this one will lose reflections totally.

  • vehshare.ytd have a black.dds texture, you can use it as a specular texture in vehglass_inner.

  • @CP @Vans123 The black.dds (0,0,0) as SPEC works perfectly, but no reflections at all like you said.
    Will try out another one!

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