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[Request][Prop Mod] Can someone please make a green screen version of the old computer monitor prop in game?

  • Can someone please make a green screen version of the prop "prop_crt_mon_01"?

    It's the old looking computer monitor.

  • @Hmmmm_Nice_Bike Option 1: Just download this and go into it's ytd for the textures.


    then find back the "prop_crt_mon_01" prop and look for a texture displaying what is supposed to be glass. Can't be anything else. If active desktops (the glass) are separate textures replace the desktop texture with the green screen.

    If it isn't, simple image editing will let you skew the greenscreen down to the size you need so you can fit it onto the CRT monitor (don't use MS Paint that sucks for editing.)

    Option 2: Just sit here and wait. I'm certain somebody will notice your request.

  • @krashadam

    thanks, but I'd prefer to let someone else handle it for me. It seems like a simple enough request but I don't think I could do it myself so I'll leave it to someone experienced. Someone else actually made a similar mod before but didn't include the prop I want, just the newer computer props. Hopefully someone gets back to me soon.

  • @Hmmmm_Nice_Bike I wish you luck, then. :)

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