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[Help] Pop-up Headlights in Zmodeler 3

  • Dear GTA5mods community,

    I'm currently working on a car that has pop-up headlights.
    Im replacing the infernus2 which has pop up headlights. when exporting my car from Zmodeler3 i get the following error:

    Unknown object name "light_cover". Using random ID: it might not work correctly in game script.

    Does anyone have the ID for the Light_cover part?
    I have already installed the gta_parts.xml into my zmodeler folder but the Light_cover part is not added into this file yet.

    here is a pic of the file structure in zmodeler. I there is nothing wrong here:
    I'm using the latest version of Zmodeler (3.2.0)

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Mrjappie241 Try to import default GTA vehicle, that have light_cover object, Zmodeler should get ID automatically.

  • yeah, the popup headlights script is in the handling.meta. The dummy from the car has to be used or it doesn't seem to work. I'm sure there's a fix around this, but I haven't found it yet.

    p.s. you have to use the handling.meta from that model for an addon, or use the same car as imported for a replace....If there is another way I would also appreciate the info..

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